Starting off 2022 the right way

On February 18, 2022 we marked the 20th Anniversary of the Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band. The past few years with Covid has made things a struggle with not being able to practice and no events since February 2020.

We are looking to grow and the future is looking bright…

Since you are ready this, you have found that the biggest change has come with the launch of our new website. There is going to be regular blog posts from the Directors, Executive and Society members letting you know what we are planning and what we have to offer to everyone that joins our Society.

Many things the Society does all comes down to our members, without their dedication and hard work we could not do the things we do.

And… we can’t forget our supporters, without the grants and donations that we receive through different organizations, partnerships and sponsors we could not bring the music of the Great Highland Bagpipes and Drums to you.

There are many great things to come in the next 20 years so we will see you soon, if you don’t hear us first.

Check out our new website at