Hire A Piper or Drummer

One of the questions we get asked regularly is how do I hire a piper(s) or drummer(s) for my event?

Be it a wedding, funeral, birthday, day or remembrance or any other occasion we can provide a piper, pipers, and/or drummers for that special day.

Due to requirements by many events and facilities now that we are playing at, we are now being asked to carry liability insurance for all events. Our minimum policy will cover $5 million liability for your event. If necessary, we can add you to our policy for the event date for an administrative fee of $75.

To confirm all bookings, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit for your event to commit, pipers, drummers or the pipe band for your event. Booking deposits are required one week prior to event start date. Large scale events will be confirmed by contract signing prior to event date.

How much does it cost for the Pipe Band

Looking to have the pipe band attend your event? Are you having a parade, festival, business opening or any other occasion you can think of. The pipe band can be there to help you with your event and provide that perfect experience.

Pipe Band Appearance Honorarium
Single day event / $5 million liability$550 **
Multi day event / $5 million liability$800 **
** prices noted are minimum charge for appearance fee, exact details will be confirmed by email prior to the event date.

All of our performers are volunteers and are not paid to take part in events. The honorarium that we request goes directly to the operating costs for the Society which operates our Learning and Pipe Band Programs. This includes, uniforms, equipment, maintenance, insurance, venue rental and administration.

We are a non-profit Society, and we will make every effort to work with you and your event to provide the atmosphere and performance that you are looking for during your event.

Single day event

A single day event is when the band will play once at a specified time for about 15-20 minutes and can be extended out to 30 minutes, more commonly referred to as a “stage” or “performance” set. The band will play a variety of different tunes familiar to many and may include tunes like “Scotland the Brave” or “Amazing Grace” depending on the occasions.

Parades will see the band play throughout the length of the parade playing “marching” or “parade” sets consisting of 2 to 3 tunes each and can be 4 to 5 different sets repeating throughout the duration.

Multi day event

Multi day events can be ideal for festivals and the pipe band can play stage, performance or marching sets.

How much does it cost for a Piper or Drummer?

We are musicians with anywhere from 5 to 25 years or more experience with piping and drumming. With that we have spent a lot of time and money learning and continuing to develop our skills and our honorariums reflect that.

Piper (single)starting at $150 *
Piper and Drumstarting at $250 *
2 Pipers and 1 Drummerstarting at $350 *
3 Pipersstarting at $450 *
* prices indicated are recommend minimum honorarium, an experienced musicians minimum charge may be higher than indicated and then additional fees for travel, duration and special requirements may be incurred.

If you would like more pipers and drummers than the table above, please send us an email or call to fully discuss your options that are available.

Although our Pipers and Drummers enjoy playing, for many of them this is a hobby they enjoy very much. All have day jobs and family that they need to schedule around to be able to attend your special event. Please be respectful of their time, availability and additional fees that may be required.

Travel, time playing, special requirements all come into factor when hiring a piper or drummer. As a baseline, you can expect a piper to play for about 15 minutes and would include 3 to 4 tunes.


  • typically charge – a piper might play at the door of the church to announce the arrival of the bride, then pipe her down the aisle. The piper may then play the couple out of the church.
  • additional charge – request the piper after playing at the church to attend the reception later that day and play for the arrival of the couple.
  • additional charge – request the piper to after playing the the couples arrival at reception to play after the dinner.

Although noted as an additional charges, the piper could be asked to attend any one of these items as the minimum or combinations there of.

Additional pipers and drummers added to the Wedding day would increase the honorarium. Exact details will be arranged beforehand.


  • typical charge – a piper might play at the start of the service to usher guests in and would typically play during the service at the church or funeral home, they might play “Amazing Grace” or “Flowers in the Forrest” (for a Veteran).
  • additional charge – following the service the piper is asked to attend the grave side to play the the casket as it is interned.
  • additional charge – playing as guests arrive, playing during the service, playing after the service, playing at the graveside and/or reception to follow.

Although noted as an additional charges, the piper could be asked to attend any one of these items as the minimum or combinations there of at an additional cost.

Additional pipers and drummers added to the Funeral day would increase the honorarium. Exact details will be arranged beforehand.