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Join the Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band Society

We are always looking for new members to join the Society and have different options available to you. Whether you are a brand new member wishing to join the Learning Program or an experienced player looking to join the Pipe Band Program. We have what you are looking for.

Ideally, you are already a skilled musician playing the bagpipes, side, tenor or bass drum… or you might even be a highland dancer. Don’t worry if you are new to everything Scottish we can fit in into the right spot in the Society to you and get you started by learning to play, or continue on your journey.

Our Artistic Directors (Pipe Major and Drum Sgt) have many years experience combined in piping and drumming and can take you from a raw beginner to a marching, playing member of the band. If you are a Highland Dancer you can add to our performances at festivals and events. Even those who just want to help out and be apart of the Society, we have a place for you too.

If your already a seasoned player, then we want you to come on down to one of our band practices and see how we interact together. We are a fun, relaxed group and there is lots of time for socializing too. However, when its time to get to the task at hand, the Artistic Directors will ensure your keeping it on a professional level too.

We ask potential new members to send an email from our Contact Us page and tell us a bit about yourself and we will be glad to have you come out. Don’t think this is an easy process, a piper or drummer will need 2 years to become capable of playing at a level needed to be in the Pipe Band Program, but during your journey in the Learning Program you can still attend functions, events, festivals, parades and more in a support manner for the Pipe Band Program.

Our Pipe Band Program takes part in both Performance and Competition events. We are a currently a Grade 5 pipe band and aspire to play in Grade 4 Competitions to keep our members sharp. The Performance events are parades and stage sets and will still challenge players to keep practicing. We have a standard set of basic tunes that all members must know for our gigs and for certain occasions we have more challenging tunes.

Any prospective new member of the Society will be asked to fill out an online application and information form, the Artistic Directors (Pipe Major, Pipe Sgt and Drum Sgt) will then review all new members and make recommendations for joining the Learning or Pipe Band Programs. As part of this process, an informal audition will be conducted by the Artistic Directors to assess your playing abilities.

Once approved by the Artistic Directors, there is a waiting period of up to three months or longer may occur to get new members into uniform to ensure this is the right band for you. At that time you will be asked to sign for a complete uniform and be 100% responsible for its care. Our Society bylaws will be provided to you and a uniform deposit will be collected along with any fees for the Society and uniform items that are worn by you such as shirts and hose.

Pipe Band Program

Anyone wishing to step right in and play in the Pipe Band Program is asked to be able to play or be familiar with our standard basic parade and stage tunes.

Below is a list of tunes that are expected to be played by all Pipe Band Program members. This is to be considered as the minimum requirement and may be part of your informal audition with the Artistic Directors.

Parade SetsGrade 5 Quick March Set
Scotland the Brave, The Rowan TreeCaptain Norman Orr Ewing, Liberton Pipe Band, Piper’s Cave, Terbius
Murdo’s Wedding, Wings
Bonnie Dundee, Steamboat
Barron Rocks, Mairi’s Wedding
Teribus, Corriechoillie’s 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting
The Green Hills of Tyrol, When the Battle’s O’er
Amazing Grace

All arrangements we try and stick to the settings found in the Scot’s Guards Vol I and II, some tunes are not found in these books and will be able from the Artistic Directors upon request.

This is by no means our complete tunes list and we like to keep some information as a surprise. Be assured you will enjoy playing with the band whether its in parades or in competition, our goal is to have fun and play the best we can.

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