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Web link talks about our Pipe Major
Mention in Armigerous Clans on Talk:Wiki

The pipe tune “The Road to Lauriston Castle” (The Clan Newlands March), by Pipe Major Garth Newlands, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada is dedicated to the Name.

Mention in Armigerous Clans on Talk:Wiki

Letter of Appreciation from SIWMM

Surrey International Marathon Society

On 30 September 2012 the pipe band took part in the first annual Surrey International World Music Marathon and we have received a letter of appreciation from the Society.

Pipe Major Newlands’ Story

Surrey604.comCheck out the full story here

A local website in the Surrey Community did a piece about the history of our Pipe Major, his bagpipes and family through to the links with the Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band and the Whalley Legion. Several of our band members speak about our band and what they get out of it as well as some great footage of Melanie doing what she does best.