Our Crest

The Crest

New Crest for 2020 and how the crest came to be …

When the band first formed we were missing an identity. Not long there after the name came to be of the Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band. We then needed an crest to be able to have others recognize us and a contest was created.

Through the years they served us well. We wanted something more modern and the evolution to our current design came into being. The Clan Newlands tartan in the background, with the Newlands crest and motto “Honour the Spur 1469” surrounding the Game Cock prominently displayed in the center.

The Society name “Cedar Hills Caledonian” in short form at the top and “Surrey, Canada” proudly standing at the bottom.

The Meaning

The background …

The background is filled with the Clan Newlands tartan, an actual photograph was used of the tartan and a wave in the material added to give the tartan movement and depth in presentation. The Clan Newlands Tartan Worn as the tartan of choice by the pipe band is was selected to honor Colin Newlands, a strong piper in the community until his untimely death in 1996, and for Garth Newlands founding member of the pipe band who has severed as Pipe Major since our inception. Permission for the band to wear the tartan was received from William Newlands of Lauriston, one of the Clan Chiefs in Scotland.

The Name … Cedar Hills Caledonian, Cedar Hills is the local community neighbourhood within the City of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada in which the band can be found. Caledonian, is a geographical term used to refer to places, species, or items in or from Scotland, or particularly the Scottish Highlands. Since the pipe band performs almost always together, the name on the bass drum has been shortened to be “Cedar Hills Caledonian” the former crest included the words “Pipe Band” as well, we are sure that this can be implied when seeing us altogether.

The Crest … Clan Newlands The crest is taken from the Clan Newlands, it includes the motto: Honour the Spur 1469 to respect the hooded game cock wearing fighting spurs standing proud in the middle. 1469 leads back to the forming of the Clan.

Location … Surrey, Canada location is everything, in this case we are located in beautiful Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Evolution of our Crest

In June of 2010, we did a refresh for the design and the two maple leafs, Surrey, BC and Canada were added. When we acquired a new bass drum we had the depth and polish that you see now added to the crest to make it complete.

The original crest was a flat image design and contained almost all the elements that you see in the current crest in the first evolution.

We held a design competition and opened it to the world through the internet to have a design created. We received many great submissions, including ones from members of the band as well. However it was a local community member, Tom McIntosh that came up with the winning design.