Newlands Tartan

Our History

Members of the Whalley Legion had been talking over the years about the possibility of having a Pipe Band formed to represent and play for the Legion, in the community, and the surrounding area. In 1999, the Legion began sponsoring the 767 Dearman Air Cadet Squadron Pipe Band (which sadly disbanded in 2008). Through this youth support, it was brought to the Executive’s to have a Legion Pipe Band formed, which would give the youth not only room to grow and join the Senior Pipe Band, but become members of the Legion in the future.

The Pipe Band was in the concept stage for almost a year. Several members of the Legion, led by Gord Fergus and Garth Newlands, and with help from others, campaigned to have the band formed. On 18 February 2002, the Whalley Legion Pipe Band received final approval for backing from the membership and Executive’s of the Whalley Legion to be able to call the Legion home for our base of operations.

It wasn't long before the first name change occurred, due to Dominion Command bylaws. It was necessary to operate the Pipe Band as being associated with the Legion, versus a part of the Branch. The name of the band was then changed to be the Whalley Pipe Band, ensuring the future of the organization.

On May 5, 2003, the membership voted to change the name of the band (for the last time.) By unanimous vote it was agreed to change our name from The Whalley Pipe Band to The Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band.

With the band now more than a year old, our numbers were growing. After our first year of operation we had seen people come and go, but now had six pipers and two drummers, material for kilts and some uniform items.

Sponsorship to get the band into uniform had come from several different groups, companies, and individuals in the community. Donations had been received from the BC Lottery Corporation, Whalley Legion Branch #229, the Dowco Group of Companies, Rite-Way Metals Ltd., and the City of Surrey.

On April 3, 2006 we received official Society status for the Province of British Columbia and became the Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band Society (No. S-50486). With the formation of the Society we divided into 3 programs: Piping, Drumming, and Highland Dance. We have since streamlined our organization with four Society Directors and three Executive for the three programs.

Changes in the way the Provincial and Federal governments handle things between the Corporate Registry and Canada Revenue Agency saw our Society being assigned a CRA business number 85790 3124 BC0001 on November 17, 2011.

February 2012 was the launch of both our new mobile website at and our expanded main website at Welcome - Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band which has links to other great aspects of the band through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

On 1 July 2018 the Whalley Legion and the Pipe Band parted ways after 16 years of dedication from the band to the Legion. With with demolition of the 60+ year old building in April 2019 the Pipe Band was going to be without a practice location. Our pipe major, Garth Newlands once again offered up his home to hold practices until a new venue can be found.

The future is looking great for the band as we continue to grow and develop. In 2018, we took part in our first mini season of competition and played at 3 events. The Annual Gathering, Bellingham Highland Games and BC Highland Games. Even with our limited outings the band placed 2nd in the aggergate for the season in Grade 5. For many of the players it was their first experience with playing in competition. The pipe band has put out the call to those who are playing with performace or street bands to come join us for the 2020 season as a competition pipe band in grades 4 and 5. We look forward to seeing you soon and hope that Cedar Hills Caledonia Pipe Band will be the band for you!

The Kilt

The tartan that is being worn by the Cedar Hills Caledonain Pipe Band is a more formal style in the "Military setting" of The Clan Newlands tartan. It was also the choice of the Air Cadets to honor a former member of the Squadron, Colin Newlands who had passed away suddenly in 1996 and was known as the Squadron Piper. Colin had played as the lone Piper on Remembrance Day for more than 10 year,s along with many other function,s for both the Air Cadets and the Legion during that time.

One of the Clan Chief's, William Newlands of Lauriston, gave the official approval of the Clan for both bands to use the Newlands tartan for their choice of uniform.

The Future

Two areas will continue to be the focus for the next few years will be fund raising and membership. We are always looking for individuals of all ages to join the ranks and make this a strong Pipe Band Society.

Fund Raising, is the one of the main areas of our focus. We are looking to raise $50,000 dollars to get the Cedar Hills Caledonian Pipe Band Society fully outfitted with all the necessary equipment and supplies to run all of our programs sucessfully. The Pipe Band performs at many events each year in community parades, festivals and public events and is available for all bookings for any events or occasions. If you are looking to book the Pipe Band or members for your event, please contact the Pipe Major of the band through the Band Contact page to make arrangements.

Long range goals for the Pipe Band would be a trip to the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland, to see the Worlds best competing. We would also like to be involved in Local and International competitions in Canada, U.S.A, and Scotland.

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